Arts and Culture Calendar

07 Wednesday

AC Newman, The Honorary Title, The Neins
Berbati’s Pan
$10, 21+
What is it with every project associated with The NewPornographers getting an obscene amount of blind praise andgratuitous press? Are they really that talented? AC Newman is, andif you want to be down with the cool kids you’ll be seen tonight atBerbati’s. Otherwise, don’t bother showing your face around herefor a while.

Craft night featuring DJ Dickle
Free, 21+
AC Whoman? DJ Dickle is a real indie star. Mix that with boozeand crafts and you’ve got the best Wednesday night on earth. Getdown here and finish knitting my scarf! It’s cold at thetop.

08 Thursday

The Snuggle-Ups, The Lakes, DJ’s Beyonda
and Max Bass
Portland’s most handsome electronic music venue serves up somegood feeling indie-rock. Come preview the PDX-POP NOW! stars theSnuggle-Ups and drink in the scene at a club often referred to as”little New York.” Enjoy it now before every queer danceparty goes seven days.

09 Friday

Pedro The Lion, John Vanderslice, Audio
Learning Center, Delorean
Crystal Ballroom
$6, all ages
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Pedro The Lion is Christian, get over it.Besides that, you have to admit that in today’s tumultuous,post-Pavement world, simple, smart, catchy songwriting is often agift from God. Besides that, John Vanderslice and Portland’s ownDelorean respectively represent some of the most thoughtful andmoving pop being written today. Jesus wants you at this show! It’strue-He told me so. Paris Texas Solid State Caf퀌� All ages Oh, My,God! Listen to this! Paris Texas is a pop-punk band from the UnitedStates that sounds English. I’m serious! Have you ever heard ofsuch a thing?! And they have an emotional edge!Groundbreaking!

Meow Meow
7 p.m.
Free, all ages
PDX-POP NOW! is more than just a great compilation CD: It is ahuge, free festival starting tonight at the Meow Meow and going allweekend. Forty of your favorite bands are playing and you ain’tpaying one penny. Think of NXNW and then think good pop and you’vegot yourself PDX-POP NOW! My pick for today? Vive Voce. If youmissed them with Calexico then you get another chance. Don’t blowit.

International Beer Festival
North Park Blocks
$20 for ten beer tickets, 21+
Portland is a weird beer town, with half the population strictpatrons of the PBR and the other half die hard micro fans. Thisone’s for the latter. Going all weekend, the International BeerFestival gives all those Portland beer snobs an opportunity to lapup brew from all over the world at a reasonable $2 a glass, and ifyou buy ten tickets you keep the glass! I suppose there are peopleout there who think there’s more to life than drinking all day,outdoors, but I don’t know them. And frankly I have no desire toknow them.

10 Saturday

Meow Meow
Free, all ages
Day two of PDXPOP NOW! Starts at noon and rocks you for morethan twelve hours. Today is a great day to fight with your girlover breakfast and storm out. Then you can rock out all day andcome home late to make up. Today’s highlights are Schicky Gnarowitzat 9 p.m. and the legendary Sunset Valley at 12:25 in the a.m. Ifyou find yourself feeling thirsty without a beer in sight at thisall ages event, then hit My Father’s Place just around the cornerfor a cold, refreshing mid-day drink. Do it around 3:25 and you’llmiss the abismal Wow And Flutter.

Cancerian B-Day Party
Death By Disco
$3, free before 10pm, 21+
If today is your birthday then dance yo’ ass off for free. Ifit’s not your birthday then pay the three dollars and buy drinksfor all those fine looking Cancers on the dance floor. Just toclarify, I’m referring to Cancer the astrological symbol, the crabrather than cancer the physical malady. I can tell you frompersonal experience: Cancers can be life suckers, too. Oh yeah.Holocene is totally hot inside.

11 Sunday

Meow Meow
2 p.m.
Free, all ages
Yes, it’s still going and it’s still free. Make up with yourgirl, make her brunch, read the Times and get down here by 2 p.m.for Stars of Track and Field. Stick around for the perfection ofBlitzen Trapper at 8:55, and directly after enjoy thehigh-school-diary-keeper lowfi meanderings of PDX faveMirah.

The Finn Brothers
The Crystal Ballroom
7 p.m.
$23, all ages
I only put this in to fill space. Don’t go to this. Sure theywere in Split-Enz, but then they were in Crowded House. So ifthat’s any indication, this is going to be about as bad as it gets.If I’m going to pay $23 dollars to suffer then I expect my nipplespinched.

12 Monday

Editor’s Pick
Rub Your Man Down

Your house
Your timeline
All ages, $10 for booze and video rental
Today is the first annual Rub Your Man down festival. Your manhas a tough life. Sure, he ain’t got no job, but you try killingtime all day, every day, with no money and nothing but a brokendown X-Box. Show your man you love him. Tonight on your way homestop by the Blockbuster and rent Red Dawn, then pick up a couple ofSt. Ides at the corner. Feed him, pump some Jadakiss, serve up themalt beverage and rub your man’s shoulders while he kicks back andwatches Patrick Swayze fight off pinkos and Russkies. God BlessAmerica and God Bless your Man.

13 Tuesday

Concerts for Kerry featuring Pink Martini
Crystal Ballroom
$15, all ages
What does John Kerry need a concert for? What ever happened toconcerts for farmers or Ethiopian children? Kerry’s got JohnEdwards and a rich wife. What do I have? Jack shit. Give me your$15, I’m hungry.