ASPSU announces election results

The Associated Students of Portland State University’s elections committee announced election results at Friday’s emergency meeting.

Take Back PSU’s Eric Noll and Rayleen McMillan were announced as ASPSU’s new president and vice president. Noll and McMillan received 34 percent of the student vote.

Disqualified presidential and vice presidential candidates Marcus Sis and Erica Fuller from the Students for a Better Tomorrow, Today platform received the most student votes, with 48 percent—201 more votes than Noll and McMillan. These votes have been discounted as a result of the last week’s elections committee’s decision to disqualify them from the running for alleged misuse of university emails.

The Community Rising platform’s president and vice president team came in third place with 9 percent of the student vote.

Seven new Student Fee Committee members have also been elected.

From Students for a Better Tomorrow, Today: Gayathri Babu, Romain Bonilla, Devon Backstrom, Zachary Snyder, Michael Le and Abdulla Al-Emadi.

From Take Back PSU: Sonya Friedman.

Disqualified SFC candidate Khalid Alballaa would have been elected with 51 percent of the vote, had he not been issued a major infraction last week and disqualified.

Fifteen senators have been elected.

From Students for a Better Tomorrow, Today: Linda Hoppes, Greta Gibbens, Melinda Joy, Galen Russell, Lekzi NesSmith, Viktoriya Voloshina, Brea Walters, Saad Alnuwaif, Patrick Vroman, Jefferson Wiley, Andrew Von Tersch and Gregory Elkins.

From Community Rising: Luis Perez, Khalifa Almarzouqui and Kaitlyn Verret.

From Take Back PSU: Bobby Zaman.

These elections results were delayed by ongoing infraction requests to the elections committee and criticism from students that the committee violated Oregon Public Meeting Law.

More coverage on the elections process and results will follow on Tuesday.