Let’s turn STEM into STEAM

Early one morning last March, I walked into a high school science classroom full of teenagers who exuded a palpable air of not giving a shit. It was 7:15 a.m.,…

Committee meets to explore OSA and OCCSA merger

An investigative committee of student government representatives from all over the state met for the first time on Friday to explore the possibility of a merger between the Oregon Student Association and the Oregon Community College Association.

Students weigh in on campus safety

The issues of gun control and public safety on campus have been spotlighted by Portland State’s student government this year, and now PSU students have made their opinions known.

Foster-Hernandez ticket wins, new constitution fails

Harris Foster and Yesenia Silvia-Hernandez were elected as student body president and vice president, respectively. The pair garnered 287 votes, or 50 percent of the votes cast. A new constitution, proposed by former Vice President Ethan Allen Smith, failed, with 47 percent voting against it, 28 percent voting in favor and 25 percent abstaining. The 569 votes cast in the ASPSU election represent a 3 percent voter turnout, down from last year’s 9.3 percent turnout, which one expert called “terrible.”

Work continues for student government

As student government elections were drawing to a close last week, the Associated Students of Portland State University stayed focused on business in recent meetings. They chose new members for the judicial review board, considered student fee committee bylaws and weighed student leadership awards.

Last-minute write-in candidate emerges

With a burgeoning grassroots campaign that garnered almost 170 Facebook likes in three days, a last-minute write-in candidate emerged in the few days before voting closed on Friday in the Associated Students of Portland State University presidential race.

A last look at ballot issues

Portland State students have one more day to vote in the Associated Students of Portland State University elections. The most contentious item on the ballot this year is a proposed new constitution.