Who you callin’ a ho?

A woman’s defense of gangster rap

Long before I knew better, I fell in love with hip-hop.

This relationship has had its share of dysfunction. Many years have been spent reconciling some of our differences in various venues, classrooms, seminars and other institutions. It is in my womanhood, though, that the bond has never been stronger.

The long home stretch

How study abroad programs are failing students

With spring term upon us, summer abroad programs are being pushed like travel is going out of style.

Going hard in the paint

Auburn University’s point-shaving scandal

Before March was even given the chance to become maddening, Auburn University’s Varez Ward came under FBI interrogation because of a suspected point-shaving scandal during at least two of the season’s games. This accusation is something of a frequent issue in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The wheels on the bus

Increased assaults on TriMet raising concerns for riders

Those who rely on public transit can have a complex relationship with the system. It is necessary to find intrigue in each aspect of the system in order to endure the trying situations to which TriMet contributes.

As a passenger, however, your only worry should be whether or not gridlock will permit your line transfer, not whether your’s or other’s safety is at risk.

Guns blazin’

New legislation takes aim at unsafe firearm policies

University students throughout Oregon, as a result of Senate Bill 1550, may find themselves stowing their guns under mattresses once more. The proposed bill would eliminate “affirmative defense exempting concealed handgun licensees from crime applicable to possession of firearm or other instrumental used as dangerous weapon, while on school grounds.”

A worthwhile experience inside the industry

How internships can open the door to a good career

The population of traditional students in the state of Oregon continues to be dwarfed by that of “non-trad.” Whether the factor is age, enrollment or independence the non-traditional student is the growing majority throughout Oregon universities.