English instructor leaving PSU

At the end of fall quarter, Portland State will lose a successful writer and professor; Debra Gwartney, an assistant professor in the English Department and a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist, is leaving after six years to work on her writing.

PSU introduces Hellenic studies minor

A donation will bring ancient and Modern Greece to life at Portland State. E. John Rumpakis has donated $259,000 to the College of Liberal Arts and Science for the creation of a Hellenic studies program.

Portland State IPA

A beer bearing the name of a university will likely find itself at sporting events, graduation parties and general gatherings. Portland State now has its own Rogue ale, dubbed “Portland State IPA.”

Hiring by committee

In a departure from recent years, ASPSU President-elect Katie Markey and Vice President-elect Selina Poulsen have decided to hire their administration by committee.

Sustainability Conference at PSU

The Portland Center for Public Humanities at PSU is holding the second annual “Understanding Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities” conference. It began yesterday and runs through tomorrow.

PSU beta testing Cisco wireless

Clayton Daffron, Portland State’s network architect and team manager, participated in Cisco’s Internet protocol television webcast last month to talk about how new wireless networking technology has been working out for Portland State.

Relief from PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is one that approximately 7.7 million American adults will suffer from in any given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Portland State’s Student Health and Counseling Center is a touch-point for students in need of treatment for PTSD.