Shopping guide

You’re moving into your new place on campus, and the last thing on your mind is where you’re going to buy shampoo and garbage bags. Let us save you a frantic Google search when you discover you’re out of toilet paper by providing you a list of places near campus to purchase everyday items at reasonable costs.

Student, faculty ideas earn startup funds

A group of semifinalists were selected to move on in the Cleantech Campus Challenge—an opportunity for students to start innovative businesses that will positively impact the environment, sponsored by Portland State and Wells Fargo—on Thursday.

Rimai responds to hotel allegations

Monica Rimai, the vice president for finance and administration at Portland State, sent out an email to PSU faculty and staff Tuesday morning in an attempt to set the record straight about recent allegations at University Place Hotel.

Game Club reboot welcomes all

The revival of the Portland State Game Club, officially called the Gamers Republic of University Players, couldn’t have come at a better time as warmer weather approaches and students look for fun activities to participate in around campus.

Roll for initiative

Nothing brings people together and tears them apart like a good tabletop game. Friendships are tested, obscenities exchanged and occasionally a d20 gets chucked at someone’s eye. And with all sorts of fantastic game and hobby shops around Portland (Guardian Games, Cloud Cap Games, Other Worlds Games, Unplugged Games, et cetera), it’s easy to jump right into the good time that is the tabletop gaming community.

Students offer opinions on SALP

Starting or running a student organization can be a taxing experience, filled with lots of paperwork and bureaucracy. That’s where the Student Activities and Leadership Programs at Portland State comes in—the organization helps students with support and advising to make sure their group runs smoothly.

Coal discussion glows hot at PSU

Tensions were high at the “Can We Talk about Coal?” panel discussion Thursday night, which focused on coal export in the Pacific Northwest. Panelists and audience members alike got emotional during the discussion as dialogue was opened on this complex issue.