Portland State remembers Don Shelley Willner

Willner linked to civil rights reforms, environmental advocacy and PSU’s founding

On March 27, attorney Don Shelley Willner of Trout Lake, Wash., passed away at the age of 85. Although his name may not be immediately familiar to students and staff at Portland State, Willner was a major force in getting Portland State College recognized as a university in the 1960s.

Straight talk about sexual health

Terri Warren to give no-nonsense answers on sexual health, testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that every year there are 19 million new infections of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. This trend causes significant personal burdens to those who are infected, and it costs the U.S. health care system about $17 billion annually.

University facing $23 million budget deficit in 2014–15

Reducing costs and increasing revenue key to balanced budget

The Portland State Budget and Planning Office forecasts a deficit of just over $23 million in the 2014–15 fiscal year if nothing is done to reduce expenses and increase revenue. In a budget forum on Feb. 29, Monica Rimai, vice president of finance and administration, and Kevin Reynolds, vice provost for academic fiscal strategies and planning, gave a presentation that detailed PSU’s financial position and ways to tackle the upcoming budget shortfall.

Good research is about function, not format

Librarians and instructors weigh in on Internet research

Colossal expansion of academic material into online territory, both at Portland State and in general, has made research more accessible, but not necessarily easier to navigate. The library reports that as of November 2010, PSU had 62,108 accessible electronic journals and currently has an online subscription for about 80 percent of its journals. The sheer number of articles and databases might intimidate some students.

Economic forum explores Oregon-China trade issues

Both sides seek more economic exchanges

As Oregon continues to weather economic transitions, the trade relationship between Oregon and China is receiving some extra attention. Business leaders, economic experts and government officials in China and Oregon are eager to explore new economic partnerships.