Portland minorities at a disadvantage

Portland State recently released a report in conjunction with the Coalition of Communities of Color that found that communities of color—including newly profiled African immigrants and Slavic communities—are substantially disadvantaged compared to their white counterparts in Multnomah County.

Police riot of ’70 still echoes today

The Kent State Massacre, which shocked the nation on May 4, 1970, sparked a movement at universities nationwide, including at Portland State, to force a decision on the Vietnam War. During a peaceful student protest on May 11—40 years ago today—police attempted to violently disperse crowds on the South Park Blocks.

Optimism from Wim

Amidst talk of federal education and student aid reform and the implementation of President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, the university is working as hard as ever to maintain its status as a prestigious urban research institution, stated Portland State’s president during a public address.

Capital projects: an overview

The Academic and Student Recreation Center is still awaiting the conclusion of some legal proceedings that would make it fully operational as an academic, recreational and commercial space.