Tutoring center eyes space

The Skills Enhancement and Tutoring Center at Portland State is vying to move into the student lounge in Smith Memorial Student Union after no space accommodations to the center have been made, despite rising tutor enrollment.

Sustainable skies

Through a partnership with Portland State on a variety of sustainable projects, Portland International Airport has garnered a “best airport for business travelers” award from a well-known travel magazine for the second consecutive year.

Student to study marine pill bugs

Tim Davidson, a first-year Ph.D. student in Portland State’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Resources, has been awarded $60,000 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for continued research of marine pill bugs.

The diva of Portland State

Portland State faculty member Angela Niederloh is used to living on the road for her career. Having spent time in more than five major U.S. cities since she graduated from PSU in 1999, she worked in numerous opera productions, gaining stage credit all over the country.

Enlightening Portland State

On a damp night at Portland State, students remaining on campus face the challenge of finding some comfort within the university after a long day. Some seek refuge in the quiet rooms of the library, others in the upper floors of the student union.

Study at PSU focuses on voice-recognition software

Portland State computer science professors Warren Harrison and Bart Massey will continue working closely with local law enforcement groups in the hopes of developing and building portable radios that will allow police officers to communicate directly with the laptop computers now standard in police squad cars.