The dilemma of the urban university

As Portland State’s enrollment continues to increase by at least 2,000 students every year, the university’s need for more student and faculty space continues to run headlong into a dilemma that confronts many urban campuses located in cities with expensive real estate: the dilemma of infrastructural expansion.

KPSU launches new website

After Portland State’s student-run radio station, KPSU, lost its AM signal last summer, the station’s website suddenly became the de facto medium for broadcasting beyond campus.

The expansion of online academia

Term by term, Portland State is steadily introducing more online courses into its curriculum as a greater number of students are expecting the university to shift to an online atmosphere.

Studying female military suicides

Young female veterans of the U.S. military are nearly three times more likely to commit suicide than civilian women, according to a recent study co-authored by Portland State’s professor of community health Dr. Mark Kaplan, research associate Nathalie Huguet, Ph.D. and Oregon Health and Science University’s Dr. Brentson McFarland, a professor of psychiatry. 

Kulongoski criticized for dealing with Israel

Several human rights groups, including Portland State’s own SUPER (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights), have recently criticized Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski for conducting business with Israel despite the nation-state’s ongoing human rights violations.

Fighting cancer with morale

Jeffrey D. Robinson, associate professor of communication at Portland State, recently obtained a $340,000 grant from the National Cancer Institute to investigate how the initial communication between breast-cancer patients and their surgeons influences a patient’s psychosocial health during treatment and recovery.

Volunteering could lengthen lifespan

Jason Newsom, associate professor of community health at Portland State, recently co-authored a scientific study whose results strongly suggest that volunteering in one’s community can increase the longevity of older adults living with functional limitations.