Intelligent design of the Life Sciences Complex

Earlier this month, Portland State selected local firm SERA Architects to design the Life Sciences Collaborative Complex, the multi-institutional $160 million research facility that will house a gamut of science departments from Portland State, Oregon Health & Science University and Oregon State University.

College Station on the rise

Although Portland State formally announced its plans on March 30 for College Station, the university’s latest student housing project at Southwest Jackson Street and Fifth Avenue, the building’s construction is already well underway.

PSU launches Desire2Learn

Spring term at Portland State kicks off this year with the anticipated launching of Desire2Learn (D2L), the university’s latest online learning management system.

Studying the future of the Willamette

A team of researchers from Portland State, Oregon State and the University of Oregon have embarked on a five-year study of how human activity and climate change may conspire to create conditions of water scarcity in the Willamette River Basin (WRB).

Kitzhaber plans to radically restructure Oregon education

Governor John Kitzhaber, making good on his gubernatorial proposal to radically reform Oregon’s schools, held a press conference at Portland State on Feb. 11 at which he called for the creation of an Oregon Education Investment Board, a high-level policy group over which Kitzhaber would preside that would coordinate the state’s education system from preschool through post-secondary education.

Oregon Senate upgrades educational objectives

The Oregon Senate passed the “40-40-20” bill (Senate Bill 253) on Feb. 10 by a vote of 28-2, thereby enshrining in state law an ambitious education goal for 2025, one that has been part of Oregon’s policy talk for several years.

Fertilization and its discontents

It assumes many names: “the withdrawal method,” “the pull-out method,” “the exit strategy,” “the backup plan,” “the better-than-nothing plan,” and, less colloquially, “coitus interruptus.”