Renowned Middle East scholar speaks at PSU

On Thursday, more than 100 people came to hear highly influential scholar Dr. Juan Cole discuss “Minorities and the Arab Revolutions.” Cole has studied the Middle East through the lens of a social historian for decades and is nationally recognized as an authority on the region.

Around the world in one night

International Night at Portland State—the night we celebrate the rich and vibrant international community at PSU—is a celebration that seems to get bigger every year. This was the event’s 37th year.

Tour brings Laotian bomb crisis to light

Many people are unaware of a serious situation that has lasted for decades in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic: the deadly toll of unexploded American bombs. On Friday, Portland State was the fifth location on a nine-city tour sponsored by the State Department to raise awareness about how these bombs continue to kill and maim Laotian people.

A look into the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Project

Since January 2012, the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Project at Portland State has been actively engaging the university and the public in an important area of study. The HGSP, housed under the Portland Center for Public Humanities, has organized a series of events in an effort to educate students, faculty and the larger community about the Holocaust and the global implications of genocide and, in turn, help create opportunities for change.

World’s tallest barometer measures up at PSU

Portland State’s Engineering Building is now home to the world’s tallest barometer. The barometer, made of recycled glass tubing and protected by metal trusses, hugs the building’s staircase and rises out of the basement to the second floor, where it measures the atmospheric pressure in the glass atrium of the building.

Women migrant workers’ rights

It was a just coincidence that associate professor Robyn Rodriguez, from the University of California, Davis, came to Portland State to deliver a lecture on feminism on the same day and around the same time that participants in the One Billion Rising movement marched from the Park Blocks into downtown for the empowerment of women.

China Night celebrates culture

he Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the biggest and most important celebration in the Chinese tradition. To acknowledge this event at Portland State, the Chinese Student and Scholars Association and the Confucius Institute teamed up to coordinate a huge celebration for 600 people on Friday.

Muslim collection joins library

The extensive Middle East studies collection at Portland State’s Branford P. Millar Library dates back to the early 1950s with the creation of the Middle East Studies Center for undergraduate studies.

PSU students eat, explore Provence

It is winter in Provence, and the early morning sun casts pastel hues across the landscape. Olive trees and ancient oaks dot the rocky hills. In the distance the Alps loom silent and white with snow.

Waves of research

Eight years ago, Portland State archaeologist Sarah Sterling came across an unusual find in the ancient tribal village site of Tse-whit-zen, near Port Angeles, Wash.

China, Japan struggle over islands

The economics behind territorial disputes between Japan and China

On Thursday, at an event presented by the Portland State Center for Japanese Studies, associate professor of economics Hiro Ito spoke about the current clash between Japan and China over a group of three small and uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.