Students volunteer in New Orleans

A group from Portland State University’s architecture department traveled to New Orleans for five days over spring break, volunteering and developing designs to help rebuild the still devastated area.

SFC chair: One in, one out, one waiting

One candidate remains for the chair of the Student Fee Committee (SFC), down from three at the end of winter term. Meaghan Mayeda is still in the running, while Amanda Newberg and Brittany Clark both failed to turn in applications to run by the deadline Wednesday night.

Spring break: Portland

For those of us sticking around the Portland area during the week of spring break, there are a variety of activities to occupy the time we would normally spend in class. Here are a few ideas. Get off the couch! Portland is one of the most beautiful cities on the map and is full of parks, shops and restaurants.

PSU bookstore awarded for efficiency

The Portland State Bookstore was named Most Valuable Player by the Independent College Bookstore Association in February. The award was based on the bookstore’s operating costs and overall earnings over the past five years. The PSU Bookstore won the award because of overall sales, total book sales, used book sales, technology product sales, insignia product sales and overall profit growth, according to Ken Brown, president and CEO of the PSU Bookstore.

PSU seeks State Board approval for class space

Portland State is looking to lease additional classroom space that would cost up to $2 million over five years because of construction projects on four buildings with classrooms. The university is seeking approval from the Oregon State Board of Higher Education to lease approximately 21,500 square feet of space from Harsch Investment Properties, LLC.

PSU joins sustainability network

Portland State has joined an international community of higher education institutions devoted to social change and environmental sustainability. The Council of Europe’s Network for Higher Education and Democratic Culture advocates for civic responsibility and democratic culture as an important part of the education process.

Studying a rooftop environment

For several years, desert-like plants have been growing on the roof of the Broadway Housing Building to reduce storm run-off that carries chemicals, metals and oil into the water system. Researchers at Portland State are monitoring the performance of these ecoroofs in hopes that the research will culminate in the design of a computer program that would allow building companies to create a model ecoroof and determine the benefits it will provide.

Former AWOL soldier visits Portland State

Iraq war veteran and AWOL soldier Darrell Anderson spoke against the war in Iraq last Thursday in the Smith Memorial Student Union during a rally effort for resistance to troop increases. Anderson served in Iraq until 2004, when he was wounded in combat and returned to the United States.

Discussion on global warming

Focus the Nation (FN), a non-partisan educational initiative, will be presenting a discussion today at Portland State University with the theme “Global Warming and Clean Energy Solutions for America” today at 4 p.m. in Room 338 of Smith Memorial Student Union.

Gov. sees Oregon as ecological leader

Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s chief of staff for economic development, technology and innovation spoke on the governor’s plan to develop Oregon’s sustainable business strategies and make the state a global leader in sustainability at the City Club on Friday. The governor’s plan to make Oregon a global leader in environmental sustainability includes innovations in land-use planning, recycling initiatives, renewable energy and sustainable building practices.

Judicial board lowers senator credit standard

The judicial board approved a new revision of the ASPSU constitution last night reducing the credit requirement for all senators from six completed credits to four completed credits. Currently, Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU) employees are required to be enrolled in at least four credits per term excluding summer term and be students in good standing as defined by the university (a cumulative GPA of at least 2.