Taking back the night, breaking the silence

PSU to hold event in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence

On April 20, students at Portland’s Lincoln High School, along with thousands of students across the country, placed tape over their mouths and stood in solidarity for those who have experienced sexual violence. The day marked the National Day of Silence.

Student elections board revises electoral infraction process

Online petition form and ‘hands-off’ approach seek to regulate campaign accusations

With the 2012–13 student elections campaigning nearly underway, the Portland State student government elections board prepares to meet possible challenges that may come with an overload of infraction accusations, mostly from opponents. As seen in past elections, investigating the multitude of allegations made by competing candidates could distract from more pressing infractions.

ASPSU considers restructuring

Vision and Reform Committee proposal could be on the May 2012 ballot

Citing low retention rates and communication barriers within the current student government body, the Associated Students of Portland State University’s Vision and Reform Committee is proposing to restructure student government. If approved by the judicial board and senate, the revised structure will be placed on the student elections ballot this May.

Student government prepares for 2012–13 elections

ASPSU seeks to increase voter participation through electronic ballots, raising awareness of candidates

As Portland State students shift into spring term with new courses and new textbooks, the student government prepares for a new election cycle. With 2012–13 student elections soon underway, Associated Students of Portland State University is getting ready to promote the election with aggressive student outreach and enthusiastic outlooks. Kicking off the election cycle will be a referendum of restructuring ASPSU on April 9. Presidential, senatorial and fee committee elections will follow, beginning May 7 and ending around May 21.

Think tank takes interdisciplinary approach to save world’s deltas 

PSU professor and students lead seminar on progress

Sustaining vast resources, including water, food and fertile delta land, has served as an important force in the world. The many great ancient civilizations and present-day cities that have prospered by their close proximity to deltas testify to this landform’s inherent ecological and economic vitality. However, due to the strains of a modern industrialized age, many of the world’s deltas face threats of erosion.

PSU professor makes strides to combat malaria

New drug targets resistant strains

It takes more than half a million lives each year, according to the World Health Organization. It impacts the fate of most third world countries, with highest concentrations in Africa. It is named malaria, and Portland State professor of chemistry David Peyton and his team are setting out to change its destructive course.

Kim III: new leadership for North Korea

Professor Mel Gurtov to give lecture on the hermit kingdom’s uncertain future

On Dec. 28, 2011, thousands of North Koreans stood on snowy streets to commemorate the funeral of their late leader Kim Jong Il. Some openly wept; others mourned in silence. What will North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong Un, do now that he is in power? Time will tell. Until then, speculations on North Korea’s future will stand at the forefront of the minds of scholars and foreign affairs experts.