New wind blowing

The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering will begin research using a new wind tunnel to be located in the Engineering Building and housed by the Daimler Lab starting next month. The custom-designed wind tunnel is currently under construction in Wisconsin by Midwest Mechanics.

New wet labs to aid industrial growth

Portland State’s Business Accelerator will soon be adding wet labs to its current list of facilities. These labs will help Oregon’s biotech community by providing space for early-stage companies to test and analyze chemicals and drugs.

Be counted

The U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States, as required by the Constitution to occur every decade. More than $400 billion will be disbursed by the government to communities throughout the country, depending upon the answers received by the Census Bureau.

Orientation leader recruitment

The application process is underway to hire orientation leaders, or OLs, who work with diverse groups of first-time students, transfer students, their parents and other family members to facilitate their transition to a university.

Portland State’s economic future

According to the University Economic Development Strategy (UEDS), Portland State leaders aim to better align the activities of the school with the economic development goals and actions of the Portland metropolitan region, particularly those of the City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission.

Less waste, more action

Campus sustainability advocates are thinking ahead, but working now, to impact the environment. The release of a university Climate Action Plan and waste reduction through recycling are two main goals of the Campus Sustainability Office in the new year.

Student stipends: How it works

The dean of students determines the positions eligible for payment through the education stipend program. In general, the jobs that receive stipends are considered leadership positions, according to information from Students Activities and Leadership Programs. The position must also meet the following criteria to be eligible for a stipend payment: