Student profile: Samira Rezaei

Portland State is known for being a school of nontraditional students—those that come from all walks of life to discover their place in Portland.

Professor profile: Leslie Hammer

Students often have a hard time imagining their professors outside of the classroom, and many assume that teaching is their only gig. But the truth is, a lot of professors are engaged in a variety of pursuits beyond the classes they teach.

Class profile: ‘City in Film’

Gerald Sussman, a professor in Portland State’s Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, recently inherited a course that was developed about 10 years ago.

Block Talk

Now that Washington has legalized recreational marijuana use, how would you feel about Oregon doing the same?

Class profile: ‘Science: Power-Knowledge’

Michael Flower, a professor of interdisciplinary science studies, has been teaching some form of the class “Science: Power-Knowledge” for much of his career. Before coming to Portland State, he taught a less-developed version of the class at Lewis & Clark College, which he has since fine-tuned at PSU.

Class profile: ‘Philosophy of Work and Leisure’

Alex Sager, an assistant professor in the philosophy department, is currently teaching a new course titled “Philosophy of Work and Leisure.” “We spend most of our lives either at work or engaged in leisurely pursuits, and it’s sort of a philosophical inquiry into what that means,” Sager said of the class.