Class profile: ‘Sports and Entertainment Management’

Students may neglect to think about what their professors did before coming to Portland State or what they do outside of teaching, but given the scholastic diversity of PSU’s faculty, there’s no doubt many professors have interesting stories and rich experiences they can pass on to their students.

Block Talk

“How big of a problem do you think student debt is in the U.S.?”

Class profile: ‘General Astronomy’

Jack Straton, an associate professor of physics and University Studies, teaches the course “General Astronomy,” which is split into two sections. Winter term focuses mainly on the history of astronomy, talking about the planets and the possibility of life on some of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

Where would we be without porn?

Pornography is a word that everyone knows. In our society, the word “porn” has a taboo following it around, and the subject rarely comes up in everyday discussion. Yet almost every day each of us partakes of something that would not be here were it not for the existence of pornography.

Class profile: ‘Laughing at History’

Imagine popping into class for an early evening comedy film every few days. That’s exactly what students in Victoria Belco’s “Laughing at History” course get to do.

Block talk

“How do you feel about your job prospects after graduation?”

New class: ‘New Atheism’

In a supposedly secular nation that still operates under an array of religious ideologies, atheism is always a hot topic. Peter Boghossian, an adjunct professor in the Department of Philosophy, is bringing the discussion to the classroom with his new class, titled “New Atheism.”

New class: ‘Energy Economics’

Adulthood means paying for the electricity in your home and the gas in your vehicle, but few people actually understand the economics behind it all.