In the public eye

For the students in Portland State’s architecture program, the end of the term is a time to display their work to their peers, their instructors and even to Portland-area design professionals.

New campus smoking policy unveiled

Portland State will implement its new smoking policy March 30. This policy may not seem too different on paper, but in the Park Blocks it should be a breath of fresh air. Gwyn Ashcom, chair of the Tobacco Policy Committee (a sub-committee of the Portland State Safety Committee) and outreach coordinator for the Center for Student Health and Counseling, led the way in drafting the detailed proposal.

Made from the heart’

Upon entering Dementro “Debo” Powell’s office in Montgomery Court, you quickly notice his vast achievements proudly displayed on all four walls. Powell is an Area Coordinator for Residence Life at Portland State, and he definitely has his hands full.

4th Annual Soul Food Dinner

The food will be a mix between old staples and new concoctions, catering to a Portland lifestyle. There will be fried chicken, collard greens and tofu ribs, so vegetarians can experience the Southern taste as well.

This has become my life’

Upon first meeting Zach Martinson, one would not predict the magnitude of this man’s ambition. Strolling the halls in an old Blues Brothers shirt and wallet chain, Martinson has a lot on his mind.

Micro education

If there’s one thing Portland needs, it’s more signature brews. At least that is the opinion of Zak White and Ben Higgins, two students in the process of co-founding PSBrew, a new student group devoted to the education of fermentation and brewing.