Looking back on the 2008-09 ASPSU

While most students are focusing on surviving final exams and finishing out the year, the leaders of the Associate Students of Portland State University, or the student body government, have relinquished their duties and can now reflect on their year in office.

As worlds collide

Portland State’s 33rd International Night drew record numbers as the annual event spilled out of the Multicultural Center and filled the halls of the Smith Memorial Student Union.

Sustainability enters the fashion world

The place to get your fashion kicks is no longer the mall—it’s the landfills. Portland State will host the first annual Sustainable Fashion Show, put on by Portland State’s American Marketing Association and the Art Institute of Portland.

Learning to teach peers

Staring in 1969, Portland State has offered ambitious students the opportunity to try their hand at a difficult and rewarding job: teaching. The Chiron Studies program allows students to submit proposals for courses they will prepare and teach themselves, all of which are offered as four-credit electives to interested participants.

Portland State’s ‘first’ garden

Portland State President Wim Wiewel and his wife, Alice, welcomed a new addition to their front yard this past Saturday. And it came in the perfect color: green. A group of Portland State graduate students transformed a stale, grassy landscape in Wiewel’s front yard into a sustainable, or permaculture, food garden.

Proposed changes to the ASPSU Constitution

Each year as part of the student government elections, the ASPSU Constitution is revised in order to work out previous kinks in the administration. It is then the job of Portland State students to determine whether or not these amendments seem appropriate.

Student Senate debate today at noon in SMSU

Starting at noon today, student senate hopefuls will be meeting in Parkway North in the Smith Memorial Student Union to debate the issues for the forthcoming elections. The debate, moderated by Portland State debate team member Seth Evans, will run until approximately 3 p.m., and will give students a chance to learn about the candidates and their stances.