Don’t ban the bottle

Bottled water is here to stay. Think about it: whereas there is a nearly free water source in your kitchen or workplace thanks to indoor plumbing, the appeal and convenience of bottled water has proven to supersede common sense—oil extraction, chemical resources, recycling and shipping are all necessary to produce the product. And that’s only the container!

Money changes everything

Given that the 2011–12 budget is facing challenges, an expected $23.7 million gap to fill and a graduation rate of 35 percent, the administration is generally optimistic that they can efficiently balance it well.

Here comes D2L

Professional, spiffy and enlightened are what come to mind if I am to sum up my short experience of using Desire 2 Learn (D2L).


Elections for next year’s student government are already getting into motion here at Portland State.

Back to the drawing board

As the mass of people entered the small conference room located on the fourth floor of Smith Memorial Student Union, the attendees called attention to the need for more chairs, as they gathered and sat in various conglomerations around the U-shaped tables.

We have a surveillance problem

The information world has been an explosion of drama as of late: A letter to Twitter eliciting information on 635,561 users, Facebook going public and Tunisia in shambles, proving that what goes on the Internet has weight in the real world.

An Oregon state bank

An Oregon state bank would require some new state employees and create building costs, but the benefits heavily outweigh the alternative of leaving it to the private sector.

Another day in Portland, another police-related death

Reaction to the latest police shooting The City of Portland seems to take a stance of vindication when it comes to police shootings, justifying the officers’ perhaps-itchy trigger fingers, in the face of unarmed assailants and lawbreakers, with temporary suspensions and slaps on the wrist.