Steve Jobs made me review it

We all know of the indie-folk band Bon Iver; previously revealed to the public in 2007, presenting their debut release of the quaint little-cabin album “For Emma, Forever Ago.”

One Cheeseburger, hold the originality

To put it bluntly, Cheeseburger’s music sounds like something one would only find accompanying a movie plot. That is to say, they sound like awakening to the sun sizzling the skin on your droopy, dehydrated and partied-out face.

Smiley, get noticed

We tend to overlook the many people on this campus that we simply walk by from day to day, not knowing or realizing much about them or their endeavors that occur off campus—whether that be somebody working behind a counter serving you food or just a daily passerby in the park blocks.

Buck the bad luck

Unfortunately, Friday the 13th has been passed down through folklore for generations as a day known for common shit-luck happenings and bogus killers haunting your dreams.

So much more than Outback Steakhouse ads

With an already impressive discography that includes upward of ten albums, Of Montreal is nowhere near becoming another “who was that by again?” group, as is the common fate that Elephant 6 Recording Company bands usually endure.

Ambitious ambience

Portland is one of the finest portions found in the Northwest’s musical microcosm. With the broad range of music that this region puts out, it is no surprise that Stephanie Schneiderman has found success along with her collaborator Keith Schreiner, contributing to this part of the country’s already-impressive musical breadth.

Battles against bad music

Characterized by extreme precision and its rhythmically complex structures, the quiet genre appropriately dubbed “math rock” is making an appearance here in Portland on Wednesday at the Doug Fir.

Just how far are you?

Many people have yet to be introduced to a band today that unequivocally takes the cake, giving listeners both a breath of something emotionally organic and stylistically sound.