Tr퀌�s affordable

In the past year, Portland’s French scene has grown significantly, with three new spots popping up in various corners of town: there’s downtown’s Little Bird, North Portland’s Cocotte and St. Jack on Southeast Clinton.

Who don’t like a pie?

While some of the PSU farmers have been at the market for years, the one product that has been popping up more frequently is breakfast. Every kind of breakfast, from spicy sausages to paper-thin crepes, are available to fit your breakfast of choice. Yet, the options for pie seem to be the most prevalent this year. Here are some places to start, and which slices to inhale.

Cilantro soba noodles with mint, spinach and edamame

As the weather heats up (it will eventually, right?) our tastes for dinner may shift from rich, meaty casseroles to lighter fare. The following recipe is quick to pull together with a little help from store-bought cilantro pesto (I like Pesto Outside The Box at the PSU farmers market), and it is still incredibly flavorful.

Cr퀌�pes pour ma mere

She’s your go-to woman for advice, for style and for, you know, birthing you. She’s your mother and she deserves a lot more than to wait in a crowded brunch line somewhere, wiping the sleep out of her eyes with all the other mamas in town.

Tostadas, your way

While our gut reaction in making Mexican food at home may involve opening a jar of salsa and cracking open a can of Rosarita’s refried beans, it can actually be more flavorful than that.

Super Natural Every Day

Heidi Swanson, the cookbook author and blogger behind, has a way with writing about food, as she proves yet again in her new book “Super Natural Every Day.”