Jim and Pam forever

For devoted fans of the show, and even the casual viewer, a major event is upon us. The writers of <i>The Office</i> are about to do what few TV writers dare to do at all, let alone mid-series.

Losing consciousness

ABC may have a big hit on its hands with the new show FlashForward, airing Thursday nights at 8 p.m. Or it may just be trying to pawn off a poor man’s version of Lost onto fans of the soon-to-be-ending series.

Cutting costs where you can

When searching for a place to live, rent is not the only dollar figure you should be looking at. The cost of utilities has the potential to drain your pocketbook if you don’t watch what you use.

Looking inside the human body

Gunther von Hagens is a man of aesthetics. That, he claims, is the reason he can always be found wearing his signature black, wide-brimmed hat–because he wants to create his own aesthetic image.

PSU has talent!

Feeling a little art-deprived lately? Well, there’s a remedy for that. You can grab a cup of Joe and stay a while, or take a quick peek before class at some of these places around campus.