Taking it to a new level

Bilingual teacher program receives nearly $2 million in federal grant money

The Portland State Bilingual Teacher Pathway Program, a branch of the Graduate School of Education, received a $1.96 million grant from the federal government’s Department of Education. The grant—dubbed the Futures Project—focuses on science, technology, engineering and math and will bring big changes to the bilingual teacher program.

Strategies for a global university

PSU releases new vision for internationalization

Portland State has a new vision for global education. The university recently released the Strategy for Comprehensive Internationalization, a report that establishes an eight-year framework for how PSU plans to become a more globally focused institution.

Transportation issues, student solutions

Urban planning graduate students conduct research on PSU transportation

Transport PSU—a group of five graduate students from the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning—are researching potential solutions to Portland State’s future transportation issues. Through student surveys and collaborations with PSU Transportation and Parking Services, TriMet and the Associated Students of Portland State University, the group hopes to better inform students about the increasingly complicated transportation matters that affect them.

30 years of excellence

History Professor Linda Walton wins prestigious Millar Award

The 2012 Branford Price Millar Award was recently presented to Portland State Professor Linda Walton for her outstanding scholarship and service to the university. Walton, an internationally renowned Chinese and world historian, has been a PSU professor for more than 30 years.

Environmental club saves the ‘green space’

Smith Space Committee shakes things up for PSU student groups

The Portland State Environmental Club almost lost its meeting space. Located in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union next to the Food for Thought Cafe, the club’s “green space” was going to be reallocated for a different use by the Smith space committee.

Disabled accessibility on campus

Inaccessible building, poor signage, slow doors are common complaints

The Extended Studies Building, located on the corner of Southwest Ninth Avenue and Mill Street, just across the South Park Blocks from Lincoln Hall, is a multi-story building without an elevator. The lack of accessibility has been the subject of many complaints from students with disabilities, along with poor signage on campus and slow-to-open doors on some campus buildings.

PSU hosts free women’s self defense seminar

University-sponsored event to empower female students

Portland State’s Healthy You program will be sponsoring a women’s self defense seminar on Saturday, May 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will take place at the Academic and Student Rec Center, room 430.

Oregon senator’s bill mandates colleges publish information

Student Right to Know Before You Go Act to illuminate true cost of higher education

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden recently proposed a bill to the United States Senate that would require colleges and universities to provide prospective students with information about the costs and benefits of attendance. The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act would create a user-friendly website that helps future students determine the real cost of higher education.

PSU students design sustainable communities around the world

Professor Sergio Palleroni gives students opportunities to use their education

BaSiC Initiative is a nonprofit organization that provides communities with creative building solutions to meet locale-specific challenges. Co-founded by Portland State professor of architecture Sergio Palleroni, BaSiC Initiative—which stands for Building Sustainable Communities—provides students with the opportunity to do hands-on fieldwork while simultaneously providing assistance to populations in need.

PSU signs 5-year research partnership with Smithsonian Institution

Scientists to study aquatic invasive species

Portland State and the Smithsonian’s Environmental Research Center have signed an agreement to be partners in research for the next five years. This joint venture, signed on March 19, solidifies and renews a preexisting research relationship between the two institutions.

Central City Concern invited the Vanguard to tour its facilities and watch a demonstration of a standard checkup.

A city in recovery

One Portland organization’s plan for ending homelessness

Central City Concern, the subject of a study being conducted by Portland State professor of community health Stephanie Farquhar [“PSU Professor receives $50,000 grant” Feb. 8], is a Portland nonprofit agency that provides aid to people experiencing homelessness, addiction and poverty. It is one of the only agencies in the U.S. to offer residential housing, primary and mental health care, addiction counseling, detoxification services and employment training all within the same overarching system.