Just doin’ it for the cause

About four years ago, a young man named Jon Davidson left his native Michigan and traveled west in search of fun, adventure and a chance to get his music heard by more people. Since his move, he has been running forward and not looking back.

Nothin’ but a good time

Celebrating their 18th year in existence, Reel Big Fish are venturing across the pond to tour Europe, then they jaunt down to Australia and finally pop over to Hawaii on their way back home. Before they leave, they’re doing a handful of West Coast dates to psyche up. A new album and a rediscovered sense of awesomeness have pushed this sextuplet into new ground and onto exiting things.

Spread some holiday cheer

Your mommy bought you a new PlayStation, grandma bought you a new snowboard, but do you really need more crap filling your dorm room? This winter, instead of spending your holiday money on trips to Canada or another Simpsons DVD set, why not donate your time or unused items to those that actually need it this season? All over Portland, thousands of people have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. Some of these fabulous charities could really use your help and much-needed materials for those less fortunate.

To the Max!

The folks at Go Max Go have been very busy since the idea of vegan candy bars came to Scott Ostrander and Susan Francovig. In late 2007, the duo was frantically trying to put together a company and get their product out.

Brother’s gonna work it out

Northwest Film Center is paying homage to director John Sayles, showing Brother from Another Planet and Return of the Secaucus Seven. In Brother from Another Planet, Joe Morton stars as a man that travels across the cosmos to escape the bonds of slavery, only to end up on Earth and have to make it without a home, money or even shoes on his three-toed feet. The alien is taken into a boarding house where he befriends a mother and child.

Out of the shadows and out to the public

Sometimes, sharing is fun. Sharing fond memories, songs from our youth and recipes are all things that most people are more than happy to share. Mortified takes a bit of a different route: Participants share journal entries, songs, old letters, home videos and stories that traumatized them when they were in their youth.

Liars with platinum tongues

When you find a band with a name like Diamond Liars, it’s hard to have an idea of what to expect. Looking at the group’s show history makes it even harder. They have shared the stage with such a variety of bands, ranging from rock to pop to dance. The band tries to stick to the middle ground and not get caught up in labeling or genre politics.

Puppetry in modern days

Historically, puppet theater has been associated with comedy and children’s education. With shows like Avenue Q, attendees saw a dark, more vulgar side. Brian Orr’s DoneUndone show attempts to bridge the gap by incorporating dark elements to explore the metaphysical, emotional and contemplative states of the mind through the art of puppetry.

Science geeks

With their third “educational” disc, Here Comes Science, They Might Be Giants tackle a more tactile subject that older youths can latch on to.

Chiisai no ryuu (Little Dragon)

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Little Dragon began when singer Yukimi Nagano met drummer Erik Bodin and bassist Fredrik Källgren Wallin in high school and started making music under the moniker “Ava.”

The folly of foley

In the spirit of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic, the Portland chapter of Filmusik brings an old favorite back from the bowels of public domain to the Hollywood Theatre with Filmusik: Gamera vs. Guiron.