Portland filmmaker focuses lens on Lebanon

There are images of water and bathing rocks in a shallow stream. Beams of light breaking through a hole in a centuries-old cave. Hushed voices arise from nowhere. “Hopefully they will see the light soon.” “The darkness is taking over. We must remember how to see the light inside ourselves.”

‘Hands-on Philanthropy’ set for spring

If the pictures in his binder don’t convince you, the canvasser who’s stopped you between Smith Memorial Student Union and Cramer Hall will turn straight to the numbers. One payment a month. Twenty-five dollars. One child. You feel awful as you shake your head, mouth nothing in particular and walk away. If you had a spare $300 a year, you would be more than happy to donate. Your mind wanders: increasing tuition, books, rent, utilities.

Women Symposium honors leaders

The second annual Peace through Women Symposium was held in the Smith Memorial Student Union ballroom on Saturday. The event, which drew 150 attendees, featured presentations from Oregon women leaders such as former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts and Jennifer Gallardo, an Oregon midwife who helped found a birthing center in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

Interfaith coalition connects students

Steven Balogh sat at the head of the eight students gathered on campus on Thursday. On the screen of his iPad were PowerPoint slides with words like “atheism,” “humanism” and “empiricism.”

Race event sparks discussion

In light of scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West’s visit to Portland State earlier this month, students and educators gathered to continue the conversation about diversity and race.

Latin Night fires up Portland State

Students who attended Portland State’s first Latin Night were given an inside look at the tastes, sounds and customs of Latin America. The event, held in the Smith Memorial Student Union on Friday, brought roughly 250 people together to dance, eat and learn about the array of Latin American countries represented in PSU’s diverse student body.

Students capture Cuba on film

Clarke Leland was staring at his laptop monitor, trying to find a class for fall term that would fulfill that pesky University Studies credit that so many Portland State students treat as an afterthought.The 23-year-old film major didn’t realize it then, but that class would take him and a group of graduate students 2,719 miles from Portland, into a foreign country embargoed by the U.S. government, and give him an opportunity to make a documentary film about Cuban planning and sustainable development along the way.

Student to run family business after college

Garret Kelly to follow in his father’s footsteps at Neil Kelly Inc.

Everyone knows how it works.

The day you’re handed your college diploma is the day you step right off the podium and straight back into your parents’ house, cursing the economy on your way in.

College Republicans VP declares candidacy

Student to run for party chair position

After last week’s general election put the presidency and many long-held congressional seats firmly in the hands of Democrats, many Republicans have started to question the future of their party.

Oregon voters reject marijuana legalization

Some ballot measures fall victim to insufficient funding

Oregon’s ballot measure returns brought surprises on Tuesday night, as Oregon voters rejected marijuana legalization and Portland voters approved Mayor Sam Adams’ controversial $35 arts tax for Portland citizens.