Ballot measure update 2

Several races called

With over 55 percent of votes counted, many Oregon state ballot measures have been called by The Oregonian.

Oregon ballot measure update

The first wave of numbers for Oregon’s various ballot measures have begun to roll in at 8 p.m. The following results are with 45.82 percent of registered Oregon voters voting from all 132 precincts being counted.

Students pitch in for afternoon of service

Portland State’s Student Leaders for Service kicked off its new “First Friday” program last week with a trip to Scrap, a local nonprofit organization that encourages arts and sustainability through what they call “creative reuse.”

Recruiting students

New trends suggest a changing face for the university

You know why you chose to enroll at Portland State

New approach for graphic design center

Cutting prices, building portfolios

Students looking for affordable, high-quality graphic design work have long taken advantage of the student-run Graphic Design Center on the Portland State campus.

Food for Thought cafe reopens

Employees face new challenges after flooding

Food for Thought Cafe reopened for business Monday morning after flooding caused by sewage overflow forced them to lock their doors in mid-September.

Clipboards and questions

Frustrating but effective

If you’re a student at Portland State, chances are, it’s happened to you.

Your bus was late, ruining all hope for some pre-class coffee, and you’re practically running through the PSU Park Blocks to make it to class on time.

Professor takes one small step

Cameron Smith builds his own space suit

Americans have had a presence in space since 1961, when Alan Shepard first crawled into a tiny metal capsule and left Earth. Since then, the U.S. government has been responsible for taking each and every astronaut there.

PSU professor engages audience through new medium

Jan Haaken sees filmmaking as an extension of her fieldwork

Academic fieldwork typically debuts in wordy scientific journals that hold little appeal for most, but Portland State Professor Jan Haaken, a clinical psychologist, has found a way to engage a broader audience through.

Flood closes Food For Thought Café

Repairs to cost $75,000, push opening to October

Hungry students craving a healthy, affordable meal or cup of coffee from Food For Thought Café will be disappointed this week.

Instead of espresso, baked goods and sandwiches, students will be met with locked doors and a sign turning them away.