Language barriers build solidarity

Page 58, 4.1.2—Fleeting vowel stems: In this large class of verb stems the last vowel is omitted when vowel-initial suffixes are added, yielding a stem-final consonant cluster. Hungarian has a…

He did not stay silent

“He did not stay silent,” said Jon Holt, a Portland State assistant professor of Japanese literature, referring to Maekawa Samio, the Japanese poet whom the government tried to silence during Japan’s involvement in World War II, known there as the Great Asian War.

‘I’ is for Idan

“It is not always easy for me, exposing some very intimate parts of my life through my work,” said Idan Cohen, one of Israel’s premier dance choreographers. Cohen is the recipient of numerous awards and currently choreographs and teaches at Amherst College for the Five College dance program, which will be coming to Portland for the first time ever.