Oh the horror, the shame!

This is how it began: Two months after my high school graduation I was on my way to Iowa, my boyfriend’s car full to the gunwales with our absolute-must-have possessions and essential going-off-to-college stuff. It was 1997, I’d just turned 18, and I’d been counting down (14,658 minutes exactly) to my vitally important escape from the prosaic and stale homogeneity that was life in Reno, Nev.

Deckin’ the halls with bells and ribbons

Throwing a holiday party on a college-student budget

Fall term is almost over and the Black Friday bell has rung, marking the beginning of the Christmas holiday season and shot nerves, broken banks, a glut of generosity and overwhelming gift-giving decisions. What’s left to do but to take the edge off the holiday craziness by throwing a small party?

Hitting the sweet spot

A taste of Portland’s most palatable desserteries | Dessert devotees, cupcake connoisseurs and macaroon munchers, take note! Sweet treats aren’t just after-dinner delights—here in P-Town, our desire for sugar rushes strike any time of day. And to appease the sweetest of sweet teeth, here are a few of the city’s most delectable destinations.

Passion and commitment

June 17 is coming up fast, and many Portland State arts and humanities students might be trying to figure out the next big step after graduation. Work, graduate school, doctoral programs, travel, volunteering—the options are numerous. For some graduates the choice is easy, but what about those who haven’t decided?

Stretch, Spin, Lift, Then Swing. Rinse And Repeat.

Workout recipes everyone will love

Somewhere on campus, a troupe of people strikes poses in synchronicity, their calm, measured breathing belying the strength needed to move the body from one form to another. Shouts of glee resound as a ball hits the corner of a net, and the faint rhythm of an up-tempo song echoes in the hallway. The clang and clink of free weights mix with the whir of treadmills.