Building project could be big for athletics

New Viking Pavilion could offer big recruiting and publicity advantages for Viking sports teams

Viking Hall is getting a makeover.

On May 10, the university announced its intention to expand and renovate the 46-year-old Peter W. Stott Center, home to Viking basketball and volleyball.


Country-fried fun in the ‘no pity’ city

Folk music probably isn’t the first sound you associate with Portland. Despite the recent tide of interest coalescing around groups like Mumford and Sons, Portland’s zeitgeist still seems to be barreling down into the electronic-alternative pit we all know and love.


Dreamy beats from a Northwestern duo

Acoustic and electronic met like chocolate and peanut butter in 2002, when Talkdemonic’s tandem of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro met to record tracks for the band’s inaugural work. The pair, who flew up onto the scene after the release of their first studio album, recently came off tours with Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips, but they never lost the key to their style.

Spring scrimmage gets the kinks out for football

The Vikings closed out the quarter with their annual spring game at Jesuit High School

Spring is the season of rebuilding for football. The Vikings, who ended their first winning season in half a decade last year, also lost their star quarterback and running back as well as leaders on defense. Months of rebuilding and training culminated last weekend in the Vikings’ annual spring scrimmage at Jesuit High School in Beaverton.

Landing in the big league

Three Vikings signed with NFL teams this year

NFL fans could be forgiven for forgetting about Portland State during the drama of draft season. Last year was a good year for the Vikings, who sent tight end Julius Thomas to the Denver Broncos in the fourth round, but that was the exception, not the rule. Thomas joined a group of four Vikings who have made it to NFL rosters.

Between The Horns: Occupy Vikings

It’s election season again at Portland State. You might not think the outcome of student body elections has an impact on athletics, but you’d be wrong. This year’s elections could be a turning point in the future of student sports. Your contribution to Viking athletics and what kind of say you have in its future hangs in the balance.

Bike to PSU program shifts gears

Bike Hub program looks to bigger things this year

Portland is crazy about bikes. Portland State, seated in the heart of the city, is a natural destination for cyclists. Over the last decade, the university has raised the profile of cycling as both a pastime and a commuting option through initiatives like the Bike Hub and by building and expanding bicycle parking on campus.

Between The Horns: Football by the numbers

It’s surprising how much a winning result can turn things around.

It might not seem like much to someone who hasn’t been paying attention, but last year’s 7-4 result for Viking football has put a new glow of optimism around the program. At the same time, though, there’s still a lot of work to be done to rebuild the reputation of football.

A different look for football

Portland’s women’s football team getting into the mix this spring

Football season begins and ends in the fall for most Portland State students, but if one is willing to go a little off the beaten path, football is still happening in the Portland metro area. When NFL and NCAA football end in January and February, the women of the Portland Shockwave, Portland’s Independent Women’s Football League team, start revving up for their new season.