Digging up dirt on the past

Egyptologist Donald Ryan speaks about rare archeological finds

What do you think of when you think of ancient Egypt? Famous pharaohs and King Tut? There are many facts about one of the most mysterious regions of the world that are not as well known but just as significant.

Putting the funk in fine art

PSU choirs present ‘Clash of the Titans’ concert

What inspires the creation of new musical genres?

This weekend, four of Portland State’s choral ensembles—Vox Femina, PSU Man Choir, University Choir and Chamber Choir—will bring their voices to the “Clash of the Titans.”

Environmental destruction: deleted

PSU and Free Geek screen documentary Terra Blight

What happens to that iPod Nano you replaced? That bulky television set rendered obsolete by the newest LED-screen model? If you’ve ever been curious about where your “e-waste” ends up, the documentary Terra Blight will shed some light on this mystery. And the truth can sometimes hurt.

Japanese culture speaks through drums

Award-winning ensemble Portland Taiko visits Lincoln Hall

Some of the most unique and surprising art forms spring from nothing more than a group of committed citizens in search of creative expression. Taiko, the traditional Japanese musical performance featuring large drums, is one such art form.

A fresh coat of paint on the red carpet

Portland Art Museum names finalists for 2013 art awards

Great art can be a feast for the eyes. Fans of the Portland Art Museum’s Contemporary Northwest Art Awards are eagerly awaiting the banquent after the selection of 28 finalists earlier this month.

Persia in the park blocks

PSU cohosts 13th annual Iranian Festival

How could Portland State live up to its reputation of promoting cultural diversity without providing fun and unique events—where folks can enjoy food and festivities while learning about other parts of the world?

Different strokes

Portland Art Museum hosts famous Francis Bacon painting

Whom do you see when you look in the mirror?

Once selling for over $40 million at auction, “Figure Writing Reflected in Mirror” (1976), by Francis Bacon, debuted in Paris in 1977 and immediately received great praise. In it, the Dublin-born painter sought to portray the dual concepts of artistic process and insight in one of his most well-known works, on solo display at the Portland Art Museum through Sept. 2.

The play things of space-time

PSU Department of Architecture’s yearlong Firsts lecture series finishes with Paul Pfeiffer

Why does U.S. culture revere its celebrities? What role does mass media play in how we as a society structure our daily lives?

New York-based architect and video artist Paul Pfeiffer will seek to answer these questions in his Thursday lecture, the last installment of the Portland State Department of Architecture’s Firsts series. Pfeiffer will discuss his past and recent works as well as his works-in-progress while inviting intellectual discussion about the nature of “perspective.”

Brahams, Debussy and Panizza

Andy Sharma, Janet Coleman to play in junior clarinet and piano recital

“For me, it’s about making intelligent consensus and understanding one another’s viewpoints,” pianist Anirunn “Andy” Sharma said of his musical partnership with clarinetist Janet Coleman. “Unlike a concerto, where there are more people playing, this is a chamber piece—you can hear the clarinet and the piano individually.”

A fresh look at food

Filmmaker and FoodCorps co-founder Curt Ellis to discuss nutrition and community involvement at Portland State

Imagine a U.S. agribusiness that promotes environmental sustainability while providing nutritious, locally grown food to schoolchildren. Sound too good to be true?

Not to sustainability activist and FoodCorps co-founder Curt Ellis, whose 2007 documentary King Corn will screen at Portland State Thursday, followed by a lecture by Ellis himself, titled “Growing Forward: A New Vision for Food and Farming in America.”