Getting jacked

With a heavy heart, the time has come for me to finally write an article on building a more muscular chest and arms. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with such a goal.

The 20.20.20 gym bag

Just how many articles am I going to get out of the upcoming 20.20.20 mini marathon held by Campus Rec on May 15? Well, at least one more!

20.20.20 vision

For those who missed out on the previous 20.20.20 marathon hosted by Campus Rec, another shot at fame, glory and riches is almost upon us (by “riches” I mean t-shirts and other various prizes, though it has been said that the feelings of personal achievement, pride and accomplishment are priceless).

Bros icing bros

I’m going to come clean: I’ve always thought a Viking was an odd choice for Portland State’s official mascot.

Keahi Horowitz: man or machine?

Call me out of touch, but I was completely unaware that Portland State had a competitive swimming team. Perhaps my ignorance can be forgiven, since Portland State doesn’t have a collegiate team.

Rise of the machines

Technological innovation has improved the quality of our lives in countless ways, but sometimes it’s still preferable to do things “old school” in order to achieve the best results possible.