Chemistry lands $3 mil. in grants

Portland State’s chemistry department has received over $3 million in research grants in the last month, including two grants of over $1 million each for potentially life-saving research on diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

$60,000 grant to focus on minorities with disabilities

A Portland State psychology professor and a doctoral student received a $62,250 grant in February to assess and improve Oregon’s rehabilitative services for minorities with disabilities. Katie McDonald, an assistant professor of psychology, and Shannon Myrick, a psychology department doctoral student, will use the funding to document the impact of Oregon rehabilitative services on ethnic minorities who have disabilities.

Book completed after $900,000 study

An urban studies professor and a one-time Ph.D. student await the publication of their new book after completing a $900,000 study about the effects of a temporary assistance program on adults and children. Just Don’t Get Sick: Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Welfare Reform, a book by Karen Seccombe and Kim Hoffman, both from the School of Urban Studies, was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and will be published by Rutgers University Press this summer.

PSU to offer minor in elementary education

The Faculty Senate approved a new 54 credit minor in elementary education last month despite some dissention amongst faculty members. Although the program is officially up and running, 45 members of the Faculty Senate voted in favor of the new minor, 18 members voted against it, and six abstained.