Recalls stampede through the media. With many of our products coming from all over the world and corporations caring more about quantity than quality, inferior products can cause health problems for a massive number of consumers.

Season of the sick

Autumn leaves litter the Park Blocks as cold weather sets in, announcing the beginning of influenza (flu) season. Classrooms crammed with students are a breeding ground for viruses that cause influenza. It is up to healthy students to protect themselves, but what is the best method?

Working for pennies

Dying for a raise? Well, if you just started a minimum wage job, luck is on your side. You need only wait until January for a 15-cent raise. Everyone else must wait for his or her employer’s discretion.

Fashionable morals

Autumn has brought cooler days and with winter just around the bend, stores are beginning to display scarves, mittens, hats, boots and coats. But is that faux fur really faux?

Energy in a can

Any beverage requiring an “acquired taste” is usually not worth drinking. Acrid energy drinks, with their health consequences, are no exception.

Virtual education

“Learning” often conjures images of a monotone teacher’s monologue while students struggle to keep awake. Adults forget that learning doesn’t have to be a painful process. Kids enjoy learning, but they want the learning to be fun.

Hazards of banking

“I’m a student, and this is my first checking account.” Upon speaking these magical words, dollar signs glisten in a personal banker’s eyes.

Finally, some help

What do you think about a bill that would increase the federal Pell Grant amount and distribution, slice the interest rate for student loans in half, give tuition assistance to teaching majors and loan forgiveness for graduates who are employed in public service fields? It’s about time, right?

Do your job, government

On Friday, July 13, my heart soared as I read the news: the United States Representatives had finally passed a bill to begin bringing soldiers home within 120 days and a full withdrawal from Iraq by April 2008.

When shopping isn’t fun anymore

The days of bargain shopping for designer or high quality items may soon be over. While it still lasts, take advantage of scouring the internet and clearance racks to find the best deals on the latest coveted electronics and accessories.

Americanizing the world

In the wake of Independence Day, I recognized the irony that several Americans were celebrating our freedom confined behind a sales counter or desk. Businesses used to close each Fourth of July, giving Americans the liberty to celebrate living in the freest country in the world. Now, many corporations stay open for those consumers in dire need of an Urban Outfitters T-shirt or Burgerville shake.