Fun ideas for the college cook

There are nights when fast food and takeout aren’t going to cut it. These nights call for a little creativity and a whole lot of fun. Grab a few friends and go shopping, then get ready for some cooking fun with these quick and fun appetizers.

Staying sharp in school

Half the time that we’re on campus, we’re not thinking about ways we can get ready for lunches during the week. We’re thinking about that midterm, the required Blackboard posting for class and how much we still have to do for the final project in a class.

Senate takes OUS report to task

The Student Senate formed a two-year task force at its meeting Tuesday night to address the recommendation to financially restructure Portland State. The recommendation was made in a report to the Oregon University System last fall, in which former University of Oregon President David Frohnmayer suggests that Oregon’s largest universities become public corporations.

From brick to steel

In addition to the new exercise areas and classrooms in the recently opened Student Rec Center, the City of Portland Archives is also slated to open soon for student perusal in the multipurpose facility.

Furlough closure

Portland State will be closed from Dec. 19–28 for mandatory furlough days. Furlough days (or leave days) are required for all classified and unclassified staff. For students, this will mean many services and amenities will not be available, so they should plan accordingly.

Portland State students warned in time

On Saturday, the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) told residents west of the Willamette River—as well as other water districts including Burlington, Palatine Hill and Valley View—not to drink water without boiling it first. The bureau’s routine testing uncovered E. coli and other hazardous bacteria in tap water supplied west of the river.