It’s Clackamas’ bridge too

A couple of weeks ago, the Multnomah County board approved a $19 vehicle registration fee as part of a plan to pay for the bridge that includes city, state and federal funds, and funds from Clackamas County.

An open budget

There are a number of problems with Portland State as an organization, and I intend—unrealistically—to write about each of them at some point. But one problem any bureaucracy faces is a lack of upward communication, and one way to increase that upward communication is to place all of the university’s budget information online. Let me start by explaining the issue in more detail.

You’re not Nostradamus

I was looking through the blog for the Portland Mercury and ran across the headline “Millions of New Residents, Not Nearly as Many New Jobs Projected for Portland in 2050.”

I want nerdy athletes

The Vanguard recently published an editorial bemoaning the lack of connection between our athletes and the rest of the school, saying that we lack school spirit.