A month to promote trans-awareness

As a part of November’s Trans-Awareness Month, the PSU Queer Resource Center will hold informational workshops, movie nights and a candlelight vigil in memory of the individuals who have suffered due to anti-transgender crimes and prejudice.

Heading to French Dome

Some people collect stamps. Some people take up knitting. Others play Suduko. And then there are people who strap themselves into harnesses and scale precipices. Jordan Bermingham is one of those people, and next week, he wants you to join him.

Fill up on pasta

The search for good and fast food near campus is long and tedious, but if you want simple Italian food, look no further. La Lombardia, the little Italian restaurant located at 1434 S.W. Park Ave. in the South Park Blocks, beckons the hungry with the promise of pizza and pasta.

The Heartbreak Kid

Ninety minutes is an eternity. You can perform countless meaningful life endeavors in 90 minutes. You can busy yourself with menial household chores, stare intensely at walls or even gouge your eyeballs out with forks. All of those activities would be better than watching The Heartbreak Kid.

A night of villainy and heroism

More explosive than Cyclops’ eye laser, potentially more dangerous than the entire Legion of Doom, and even more illusive than Toby McGuire’s masculinity, a group of progressive young Portlanders will join together to take a stand for the biggest issue of our time: the socializing of villains and superheroes in Portland and beyond.

Worldwide Thriller

Before he was dangling his children over balconies, before his chimp named Bubbles, even before he was white, Michael Jackson was doing choreographed dances while dressed like a zombie.