This Christmas, a chance to play hockey

With the rising popularity of college football in Oregon, the hype over the addition of Greg Oden to the Blazers, and the minimal attention that is given to the Portland Winter Hawks hockey team, most people would not think of ice hockey as Portland’s sport of choice. Yet according to J.J. York, a student at Portland State, Portland loves hockey.

A Thanksgiving for one

Perhaps you are recently divorced. Maybe your entire family was killed in a freak smelting accident. Maybe you have chronic B.O., and no one is willing to be within 10 feet of your stanky ass. Or perhaps you’re just smart enough to avoid an evening of screeching as your Aunt Sallie wrestles the dog for the last turkey leg.

Some kind of monster

I have no idea how this happened. The sheer ludicrous-y of it haunts me to the core. Britney Spears has somehow–amid an obvious psychological, emotional and physical breakdown–released a new album.

Graduate business school explains masters program today

The graduate business program at Portland State University will hold an informational session on their master’s programs today. The event is directed at students interested in the Master of Business Administration, the Master of International Management or the Master of Science in Financial Analysis programs.

The word on Blazermania

Matt Love, a PSU alumni, writer and founder of the Nestucca Spit Press, will be hosting a panel on his latest project, a retrospective of the Portland Trail Blazers 1976-77 championship season at Wordstock this weekend. The Vanguard sat down with Love to discuss Wordstock, his work, life, and most importantly, the Blazers.

Tree hugger

“Don’t put any weight on the belt at the buckle. It won’t hold,” said my climbing partner from twelve feet above me. I didn’t listen. I was concentrating on conquering the Great Oak in front of me.