Bands to watch

Deelay Ceelay
Oh the elusive Deelay Ceelay. For a while, the band was playing a lot of shows. Then it went on tour this summer with Starfucker (yeah, the group dropped the name PYRAMIDDD. Thank god.)

Champagne wishes and cocktail dreams

To say that Jeffrey Morgenthaler is an asset to the Portland bar scene would be an understatement. The current bar manager at renowned restaurant Clyde Common has been making a name for himself locally, nationally and internationally since mixing a good cocktail first sparked his interest.

Pleasing your lady and rejecting the internet

Talking with Ron Jeremy doesn’t go how you think it might. The porn superstar and cult figure is funny, polite and incredibly well spoken. Even when he talks about sex—a major topic of conversation for him—he does so in a lighthearted, humorous way.

Note from the (drunk) underground

Kelly O has made a name for herself in the Pacific Northwest shooting photos for Seattle’s The Stranger. Famous for her column “Drunk of the Week,” she currently has a show running at the IGLOO Art Gallery entitled Floater.

A well-oiled machine

Thanks to Ape Machine, classic rock isn’t dead yet. The local rockers are injecting heavy doses of old-school bluesiness and metal-tinged rock into the indie rock and electro-dominated local scene.