Ondine hosts weekly Bible studies

Portland State’s most visible campus events seem to often have a political bent. Student marches, documentary screenings, bake sales, even the inescapable ASPSU election—there is often a sense that the participants have come together because they chose the same side on a critical and divisive issue.

Students facing mental health episodes have options

Each year, many students are faced with mental health challenges. Whether it’s a recurring bout of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or a first-time response to a new stressor, an episode can make it very difficult to cope with the stress of both school and life.

Election season hits PSU

Election season for the Associated Students of Portland State University, the official student government body of PSU, kicked off last week with the passing of the deadline for candidate applications. The presidential election, which will take place from April 22 to May 3, looks to be a two-person race (barring write-in candidates) between the ticket of Harris Foster and Yesenia Silva Hernandez and the ticket of James Au and Jay Phung.

Students take a shot at campus gun ban

Portland State, like all but a handful of public universities in the U.S., bans the possession of concealed handguns on university grounds. But, this week, some students will try to change that.