SALP task force releases findings

At the beginning of the year, Student Body President Hannah Fisher and Student Fee Committee Chair Aimeera Flint commissioned a special task force to “investigate and provide solutions” to SALP’s apparent problems with inconsistencies in dealing with both student groups and the university.

Student Fee Committee deliberations continue

One of the ways the committee is dealing with the budget shortfall is by instituting budget cuts across the board for all groups. One of the most drastic of those cuts is limiting each group’s travel to two in-state trips and one out-of-state trip.

ASPSU digs for student stories

A significant part of ASPSU’s plans for this year is increasing student advocacy opportunities in Salem and to increase student visibility at the state capital during the 2008-09 legislative session.

Student government assesses progress

Now in their second term, the Associate Students of Portland State University are working on several issues raised in their platform from last spring’s election. But just how much have they accomplished, and what is still left to do?

Leadership conference continues ‘inspiring the future’

Last weekend, Portland State was home once again to the Northwest Student Leadership Conference, a three-day event designed by, and geared toward students who would like to get involved in activities on their school campuses. Typically members of student government, fraternities and sororities, student advisers and students who would simply like to learn some new skills attend the NWSLC, which is sponsored by Portland State, the Associated Students of Portland State University, the Oregon Students Association and the Oregon Student Foundation.

For some, a time for support

Portland State students walking between Smith Memorial Student Union and Cramer Hall Tuesday and Wednesday may have noticed some tables occupied by people listening to others’ problems. Called “listening tables,” the space was set up in the South Park Blocks to allow students a place to express their opinions freely, according to Dr. Martha Balshem, special assistant to the president for diversity in the Office of Diversity and Equity.

PSU, Brits debate

For the second year in a row, members of the Portland State debate team squared off against two members of the National British debate team at an event held Friday in Smith Memorial Student Union. As part of a nationwide tour, British national debate members Ed James and Derek Doyle stopped at PSU to engage in debate with members of ASPSU, including president Hannah Fisher, as well as members of the university debate team.