Best cheap food

In the category of “best cheap place to eat,” Ole Ole simply takes it all. It seems practically set up with the student in mind. What? You only have $3.50? Then go for the Ole Ole burrito. It comes with rice, beans, guacamole, meat and then some. And believe me, for most of you, this thing is definitely a filler.

If you only have a dollar and a quarter you can go for their chips and salsa. Fresh onions, tomatoes and more fill this little treat that costs less than the preserved stuff and tastes 10 times better. Then there is their chimichanga, which, to quote one of our editors here at the offices of the Vanguard, is “da bomb!” The owners (one of whom is a PSU student herself) have not only turned their current space around from a string of previously failed restaurants but also have another successful location located in southeast.

Also, if you like a little atmosphere with your food, then that’s covered, as well, with some great art hanging around on the walls from different local artists and a student/local clientele. There is outside seating, but it can get pretty loud as Ole Ole is located right beside the bus mall and a freeway off-ramp. However, if you don’t like the atmosphere or the noise, then throw a party at your place because they will cater it. (You will have to go pick it up yourself, though.)

Worried about not being able to make it in time to grab that burrito because you have a late class? Not to worry. It’s open seven days a week and stays open until 10 p.m.

See what I mean about being set up for students? So go on and get yer grub on. Eat really good food, support small business and a fellow student, see some art, and complain about the noise of the bus mall with fellow students. Eating at Ole Ole won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and it will fill you up. Now that’s hard to beat.

Close runner-up

Hot Lips Pizza has been a mainstay for Portland State students for many years. Over time, as other business have come and gone along with different trends and styles of food, Hot Lips Pizza has remained. Which says a lot for the staying power of pizza. It also says a lot about Hot Lips.

Isn’t it amazing when what is less-processed and more-“real” is cheaper than the standard? This stuff is good. Go ahead and compare a Hot Lips to a Pizza Hut or Dominos and then make the call. That is if you can find a Pizza Hut or a Dominos that offers some of the choices Hot Lips does. Plus the place itself is just cool. Some outside seating and an almost ’80s d퀌�cor on the inside make the place fun. Also, they deliver on campus. Yummy pizza in class, it’s kinda like heaven, huh?