Block Talk

Did the presidential debate change who you were going to votefor? Why? If you didn’t know who you were going to vote for, howdid it affect how you were leaning?

Molly Trezise
Art & psychology, senior

It didn’t change whom I was going to vote for at all. Itconfirmed everything I’ve always felt, but I was really glad to seeKerry come out aggressively and get the president on thedefensive.

Ryan Vesalpour
Business and speech communications, senior

No, it did not change my views. Watching the debate it felt verysanitary. I wanted to see some down and dirty debating. After thedebate, I felt it had been Hollywood-ized. It seemed like theytried to remedy any bad blood between them.

Brennan Miller
Sculpture, senior

I didn’t know who I was going to vote for going in and it mademe look at Kerry. I think he consistently made more sense.

Amara Golden-Snitkin
Communications, freshman

It didn’t change who I was going to vote for. President Bushavoided the questions and was mainly talking and saying stuff thatwasn’t relevant.

Sociology, post bac

I knew who I was going to vote for before, but I thought it wasinteresting how much more well spoken Kerry was than Bush. Bushseemed to fall back on “uhh” and “umm.” Half of the time he wasspeaking his thoughts and half he was just reciting ideology.