Block Talk

"I’m going to send flowers to this little girl I’ve been seeing and maybe take her to the beach. I haven’t been to the beach in a while."

-Peter Erickson-Knight, communications


"Me and my girlfriend are having a Valentine’s Day breakfast at the Brasserie on Saturday, but on Valentine’s Day I have a party to go to. We try to be romantic every day, so Valentine’s Day is just another day for us."

– Paul Newell, architecture

"Yeah, I’m going to do some homework. I don’t have a valentine, but I’d like one."

– Amara Golden, communications

"I forgot. [Lots of head rubbing] Well, I have class until 8:30 p.m. and then I’m going to spend time with my wonderful girlfriend, Sage, who I love very much. I think we’re either going to go to a city repair meeting that night or watch the Telluride Film Festival. We haven’t decided."

-Nathan Hodges, environmental studies

"I think I’m going to work. No one’s going to be my valentine. I’m single, so I’m just going to be alone, all by myself."

-Erika Ogawa, music

"I’m going down to Mount Shasta in Northern California where I will spend three days in solitude contemplating why I don’t have any love in my life. Then I’ll call my mom."

– Yoni Shpak, biology

"I’m going to see my friend Katie. She’s an opera singer and a PSU grad. She’s singing at The Farm on 7th and Burnside with piano accompaniment. It’s going to be great."

– Britt Howard, child and family studies