Botched election results are in

Take a glimpse into what could have been and who

ASPSU’s first attempt to run an election was stomped out on the final day of voting last month by the university administration, leaving many to wonder what the nearly complete results would have produced. The Vanguard managed to procure from the Office of Information Technologies, for a price, the results of the controversial election. It is important to remember the following results are not from the current election, but from the botched election that occurred between the10 and 12 of March.

ASPSU President & Vice President

Candidates Votes

Christy D. Harper & Ryan W. Klute 715

Pollyanne F. Birge & Maude K. Bowman 564

Justine E. Myers & Brett D. Pearce 432

Student Fee Committee Chair

Candidate Votes

Tracy Earll 685

Katie V.Wylie 446

Wafa Ghnaim 387

NONE 289

Ballot title Yes No

Amendment to the ASPSU Constitution 1,016 312

Rec Center Referendum 931 707

Student Fee Committee Members

Candidates Votes

Erin Devaney 676

Jesus G. Acosta 632

Kayla Y. Goldfarb 624

Joe Johnson 617

Evan A. Garich 572

Student Senate Representative, At-Large

Candidate Votes

Jennifer Schmidt 674

Kayla Y. Goldfarb 651

Ana R. Johns 614

Mary L. Fletcher 594

Morgan V. Stimson 567

Joseph B. Haber 543

Matthew Lee Wallace 543

Lindsey E. Craven 538

Mana Alexis Romanos 536

Romano F. Brown 524