Thursday, May 6

Sushi Lovers’ Lessons – Vanguard Pick
Miso Magic School of Japanese Cooking
Through May 26
Wednesdays 6:30 – 9 p.m
$50/class; $80/pair of students
Learn how to cook it up like a pro at these classes. Instructioncovers a variety of classic Japanese dishes, including sushi andsoups. This four-class program will take you through the processesyou’ll need to cook and serve your homemade Japanese delicacies.Class size is limited, however, so if you want to get in on thesushi action you’d better call ahead.

Julia Kottmeir “Skizzors & Bits”
Food for Thought Student Gallery
Opens May 6
Our own Food for Thought Caf? hosts some student art that’shopefully a lot better than their navy bean soup. That shouldn’t betoo hard, so be sure to attend the opening reception and catch somemusic as well.

Kid Rock
Rose Quarter
7:30 p.m.
One of the original progenitors of the rap-metal revolutioncomes to sell out an amphitheater near you. Liken it to staring ata horrific car accident and Kid’s popularity makes moresense.

War, Rubberneck
Aladdin Theater
7 p.m.
$21, $23 door
Funk, rock, R&B and more make up the palette of War. Sincethe late sixties, when they boasted Eric Burdon (of Animals fame)as a member, War have been playing their signature melding ofstyles and delivering their message of peace, love andtogetherness.

The Kingdom, Wet Confetti, The Snuggle Ups
8 p.m.
Moody and languishing, Wet Confetti’s indie pop is spiked withcrunchy low-fi guitar riffs and atmospheric electric piano.

Robert Deeble, The Strugglers, Peace Harbor, BurdEarly
Meow Meow
8 p.m.
Tonight, five dollars at the Meow Meow will get you a whole messof introspection and lyrical play, as this heady roster of emotivesinger-songwriters ply their dusky trade and channels some NickDrake and moody country into their indie tales of life’strepidation. Then, there’s Peace Harbor’s rich and layered pop totop off the bill.

Southern Culture on the Skids, The Paybacks
Crystal Ballroom
9 p.m.
$12, $14 door
Not above throwing some horns or strings into their countrified,drunken odes to Southern life already rife with swampy bluesguitar, Southern Culture on the Skids prove greater than the sum oftheir obvious influences. They manage to create a decidedlyenjoyable concoction that rocks a lot more than one wouldexpect.

The Constantines, My Regrets, The Volumes
10 p.m.
$9, $10 door, 21+
Youth and vigor, trademarks of rock and roll, show up liberallyat this show, with the sax-ified power of the Constantines battlingMy Regrets’ overdriven amps and Stooges swagger. Enjoy with yourfavorite spirits.

Friday, May 7

Division of Laura Lee, The Catheters, Run Run Run -Vanguard Pick
10 p.m.
$10, 21+
Although they suffer from the painful nickname Rx3, Run Run Runplays the kind of distortion-laden, shoegazing chord rock that weall hold so close to our stoned hearts. So just insert the genericcomparisons to Spiritualized and Jesus and Mary Chain here andenjoy the bliss-outs that only a droning fuzz pedal can deliver.Also on hand will be Swedish garage rockers Division of Laura Leeand the stripped-down punk-out of The Catheters.

Mo Phillips
Red And Black Cafe
6:30 p.m.
Experienced local rock/jazz musician Mo Phillips has struck outalone with the release of his solo album The Boat in January. IfPhillips and his lone guitar are your bag, then you should go andsee this free show in the comfortable environs of the Red andBlack.

Yob & Guests
Ash Street Saloon
Yob is like a dump truck full of obscenely heavy riffs andthunderous percussion that fills the ditch in your soul that youthought only Black Sabbath could seal, and piles on extra”rock” for good measure. Now if only I could get abackhoe in the metaphor, too …

Rick Bain, My Regrets, The Out Crowd, Loris Lane
Berbati’s Pan
$6, $7 door, 21+
If you like your rock simple and filled with shredding organ andguitar riffs, then Rick Bain is a good bet for you. Add to that thealready mentioned My Regrets and Courtney Taylor-Taylor favoritesThe Out Crowd, and this night at Berbati’s is shaping up to be anascent good time.

Bachelors of Science
Portland State University
12 p.m.
Funk is the ticket to this performance, as PSU is host to theBachelors of Science, who really aren’t as cool as theirname.

The Vagabond Opera Variety Show Featuring The Vagabond Opera,Wowee Zowee Cinema Shadow Puppetry, Bellydancing by Tiffany
7 p.m.
One of the many wild events that seem to be popping up all overthe place lately, this one featuring bellydancing and eclecticopera performances and, of course, puppets. Hey, at least this onehas nothing to do with any mayoral candidates, so you won’t have tosee Francesconi’s unnerving face lurking around the stage.

Saturday, May 8

Fat Girl Speaks
Roseland Theater
7 p.m.
Celebrate your body, no matter what image you have of it, andhave a good time, too at the second annual presentation of Fat GirlSpeaks, which now needs the Roseland to contain the droves thatflocked to the woefully undersized Fifth Avenue Cinema thatcontained it last year. Get there early in the day and hit up someof the workshops that come along with the performances.

Boon’s Treasury
9 p.m.
Free, 21+
Spigot consists of band members playing whatever instrumenthappens to be around, from guitar and bass to triangle and spoons.Come see them work their urban-country junkyard magic.

Pretty Girls Make Graves, Cobra High, The Prids
10 p.m.
$8, $10 door
Energy, vitriol, and punk power are the trademarks of localdarlings PGMG. Cobra High has a song called”Awesomeology,” which makes me like them immediately.Even better, the song happens to be an instrumental KingCrimson-esque prog-fest.

Monday, May 10

Hospital, Mister Metaphor
Meow Meow
8 p.m.
Pavement’s first drummer Gary Young returns for action withHospital. If you’ve seen Preston School of Industry, now you’vecaught all the latest from the greatest slackers of the notoriouslyslack nineties.

Tuesday, May 11

Trilogy Tuesday: Mad Max Saga! – Vanguard Pick
Yes! You can see “Mad Max and The Road Warrior” backto back, and a bar is only feet away! What better way to celebratetheir post-apocalyptic glory than with some of your hip, happenin’peers? At the very least, you’ll have someone to bitch to while yousit through that horrible “Beyond Thunderdome.” Whoknows, pretty soon we may be fighting each other for gas, and itmight pay to bone up on Mel Gibson’s raider-evasion skills for whenyour Escalade becomes a target.

Get Hustle, Open City, Burning Star Core
Berbati’s Pan
$6, 21+
As their name might suggest, Get Hustle is the kind of band thatyou just shouldn’t stand still around. So don’t, you nerd!Dance!

Wednesday, May 12

Sarah Harmer, Hayden
Aladdin Theater
7 p.m.
Singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer conjures solitude, narrative, andloving detail to form her folk-pop songs. She also has reallyexcellent taste in guitars, with Gibson jumbos featuringprominently among the scattered electrics that the Canadianmusician plays.

My Morning Jacket
Crystal Ballroom
9 p.m.
My Morning Jacket’s twangy alt-country rock has won them bunchesof fans and buckets of rock critic drool, not to mention a place inevery Rolling Stone magazine published for the last year and ahalf. The name is a little odd and emo-cheesy, but the members doindeed appear to be fond of jackets, and also of the kind of musicthat puts you on a mental porch in the warm daydream sun with aspectral beer and few, if any, cares in the world. That, mostassuredly, is worth $15.

-The Calendar Boy