Calling all X-tremists

Snowboarding season is just around the corner and Portland State���s very own snowboard club is gearing up to take on the slopes. And they are ready to smoke any competition that may arise.

Started in 1997, the Portland State Snowboard Club is set up for just about anyone of any riding ability. From the casual weekenders to the serious competitors, there is a place for all in the club.

���Some of the students are not at competition level,���� co-coordinator for the group Stacy Ebert said.

���So we just ride.����

As far as competition goes, some members of the snowboard club compete in what���s known as ���Boarder���� class, which is for anyone who knows how to race.

Ebert expects to see a turn out this year comparable to last year���s of 75 boarders. So far, about 40 students have signed up for the club already, but Ebert feels that number will increase once the snow hits the ground and boarding fever spreads some time around Thanksgiving, depending on snow conditions.

The club usually takes members snowboarding once or twice a week, during season, sometimes on weekends. If all works out to plan, they will take a week-long snowboarding trip over spring break.

The bi-weekly trips are set up so all members receive an equal opportunity to get to the mountain.

Because the Snowboard Club is a school-sanctioned group, they receive funding from Portland State for expenses. However if there isn���t enough to cover expenses, the money they don���t receive, is acquired through fundraising.

This year, the club is planning a raffle later in the year. This will help to fund some of the bigger trips being discussed.

Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood are frequented by the snowboarding club and this year is no exception.

Most of the outings planned will be to these two mountains, but there will also be a couple trips to Mt. Baker and Red Mountain.

The main goal of the Portland State Snowboard Club is to provide all students an opportunity to explore the world of extreme sports by participating in one. For many students, this just simply isn���t possible because of the high costs involved in participating in snowboarding, but the Snowboard Club makes snowboarding extremely accessible for low-income students.

All it takes is five minutes to fill out an application, which can be found near the Student Development Office, and $20 and you are a member. Those who become members can look forward to free transportation to and from the slopes, discounts at local snowboard shops and other great benefits. For more information contact the club sports office at 503-725-5663.