This world is filled with compromises. In our news office, this is particularly true.

There’s always some reason to make a deal with someone. Last week, one of the other editors was short on content, and of course it was only natural to offer an extra story from my section. We barter over days to update the blog; I’ve gone from Wednesday to Thursday to Tuesday in the span of three weeks. Instead of meeting on Tuesdays at 4 every week, my section is trying to figure out a good meeting time when everyone can make it.

But it’s the personal compromises that are tough.

In the last four years, I have been careful not to compromise my sleep schedule. I don’t do well on less than seven hours of sleep, but I can make do. Less than five hours? Sure, once in awhile. Just like how I can pull all-nighters once in awhile.

But only once in awhile.

To be honest, I’m amazed I’m typing this coherently. Over the past week, I’ve had more than usual going on in school and at work, and I’ve consistently been getting less than four hours per night. Some days, I’ve looked at the clock halfway through an assignment and realized that I’ve been up all night. My budget for coffee this term has increased about 25% – and we’re not even halfway through.

Balancing a schedule is tough. There’s no doubting that. But I think it’ll get easier once we finish the next special section. My staff is getting trained up, and I think we’ll manage all right.

I’ll post again later. For now, I need a nap. Toodles!