Cracking your student ID


Number Significance
 4 The number of financial aid disbursement options. You can receive your financial aid in the form of a paper check, have it deposited automatically into your bank account or have it posted to your OneAccount. The fourth option, at the cost of $20, allows a student to opt out of the Higher One program and have their aid distributed via auto deposit through Portland State.
 5 The price to put a photo on your ID. Older ID cards with photos were $10 and cost $20 to replace. It will also cost you an additional $5 to buy an old ID card, now known as a “key card,” that has a radio chip which allows access to certain doors around campus.
 50 The amount, in cents, of the OneAccount pin transaction fee, charged each time you use your PIN number to make a purchase with your card. The 50 cent fee can be avoided by purchasing the product as if you were using a credit card (this means signing the receipt the cashier gives you instead of entering a PIN).

The number of digits in your new student identification number. The number replaces the use of Social Security numbers as the student identification number and is intended to protect the privacy of students and curb identity fraud.