Crime on the rise in Portland

(AP) — Major crime in Portland, Salem and Eugene rose in manycategories from 2002 to 2003 and generally went against a nationaltrend of decreases, according to FBI statistics releasedMonday.

Nationwide, the FBI reported a 3 percent drop in violent crimeand a 0.2 percent reduction in property crime.

The FBI released the figures as raw data only and gave noanalysis and made no conclusions as to trends.

Murder and other non-negligent homicides were up in Portlandfrom 20 to 27, but stayed the same at two in Salem and dropped byone in Eugene, from six to five.

Forcible rape reports dropped from 354 to 310 in Portland and bylesser degrees in Salem and Eugene.

Robbery was up in all three cities. Cases of aggravated assaultwere down slightly in Portland and Eugene but took a leap from 103to 254 in Salem.

Burglaries rose in the three cities. Larceny increased inPortland, but was off slightly in Eugene and Salem.

Motor vehicle theft increased slightly in all three cities.